Venue Information

The 2016 conference will be held October 13-14 at the Quality Hotel Noah’s On the Beach, Cnr Shortland Esplanade & Zaara Street, Newcastle, New South Wales.

The venue website can be found here.

Transport from Newcastle Airport to Newcastle City and the Hotel

Attendees can fly into Newcastle Airport Direct from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane. Attendees can find information on transfers from the Airport or taxis and public buses at the following website:

Please note you do not require an Opal Card for the public bus from the Airport to Newcastle. Port Stephens buses accept cash payment or Opal cards for all routes.

Newcastle Limousines run a service from Newcastle airport to the city:

Fogg’s also run a shuttle bus service from Newcastle airport to the city:

Getting around Newcastle/to the venue

Noah’s On the Beach is accessible from the following transport options within Newcastle and surrounds.


Trains from Sydney now terminate at Hamilton Station. Newcastle Shuttle Buses (Route 110) have replaced train services between Hamilton and Newcastle stations. This shuttle will terminate at Newcastle Station on Scott street.

For more information about Newcastle to Sydney trains please go to:


Two local Newcastle buses (Route 104 and 222) come through the city down Scott Street near the Hotel. Some other local buses may terminate at Newcastle Station a few minutes walk from the hotel. There is a Fare Free Bus Zone run by the State Transit Authority (Newcastle Buses) in the Newcastle city centre between 7.30am and 6pm seven days a week. The Fare Free Bus Zone extends from Selma Street in the west; north to the Tree of Knowledge corner (Hannell Street, Wickham) and east to the beaches where Noah’s On the Beach is located.  The zone loops south into Darby Street, along Bull Street and then back to King Street. Normal fares apply outside the specified hours and/or beyond the zone.  Opal Customers travelling within the boundaries of the Fare Free Zone are not required to tap on and tap off.

For more information about the Newcastle buses please google 131500 or go to:

Please note that an Opal card is required for travel on Sydney to Newcastle Trains and most Newcastle buses outside the Fare Free Bus Zone. Information about Opal Cards can be found here:


For information about Newcastle’s Taxis service please go to:

Conference Accommodation

You can stay at Noah’s On the Beach. See information below about accommodation options, conference rates and the special ID / Name that you need to use to gain those conference rates. Click on the table below to see the available options.


Undercover parking is free subject to availability. Open parking next to the hotel is also free and subject to availability. Enter both parking options from Zaara Street.

Other hotel options close by include:


The location of Noah’s On the Beach, the Bus terminal (at Newcastle’s old station) and the Customs House (Conference social) are shown below (click on map to see high-res version):

BPA2016 Newcastle region map






BPA2016 Map

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