Membership Payments

Membership to Biological Psychiatry must be approved according to constitution of the Society. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED OF THE REVIEW OF YOUR APPLICATION AND GIVEN A MEMBERSHIP NUMBER, AT THAT TIME MEMBERSHIP CAN BE PAID To seek approval to join BPA, a completed application form must be sent to If your done filling up the form, attach and send it to us. Registration form in diff. format available for download: Membership Registration Form (*.pdf) Membership Registration Form (*.doc) Membership Registration Form (*.docm)   IMPORTANT: when completing payment details at the links below, please enter the first and last name of the individual seeking membership, not the individual paying (if the two are different).

Student membership is available to any student studying in the field with support from their supervisor.
Associated Membership is available to those people interested in the field who would like to be part of the societies' activities.
Is available to anyone who has a track record in the field as demonstrated by at least three reviewed publications.
Emeritus membership is available to a retired researcher who has, or could be, a full member. Those seeking to join the Society as an Emeritus Member should provide copies of 3 publications in the field on which they were authors. Those transferring