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The BPA 2019 conference will be held from the 27-29th October in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


BPA awardees

Isaac Schweitzer Award – Prof Brian Dean, PhD, FRSB: The biology of major depression: New insights suggested by changes in cortical gene expression.

Aubrey Lewis Award – A/Prof Marta Garrido, PhD: From prediction errors to computational psychiatry


Special Guest Speaker

Prof Shitij Kapur, FRCPC, PhD, FMedSci: The challenge of developing biomarkers in the clinic: How long must the psychiatrist wait?


International Speakers

Prof Rachel Upthegrove, MBBS, MPhil, PhD, FRCPsych: Neuroimmunology and Youth Mental Health: lessons, challenges and precision medicine opportunities

A/Prof Kenneth Fish, PhD: Region-, layer-, and cell type-specific GABAergic alterations in the cortical visuospatial working memory network in schizophrenia.


  1. The vulnerable brain: How stress and sociality affect susceptibility to addictive behaviours
  2. Stress, reward and control in eating disorders: Insights from rodent models and human imaging studies
  3. What is the way forward for biological psychiatry?


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