About Us

Biological Psychiatry Australia

Biological Psychiatry Australia is a newly formed society for professionals interested in the advancement of biological research in psychiatry.

The research focus of the Society encompasses the application of biological techniques to investigate and better understand the causes of psychiatric disorders and the translation of neuroscience research to the development of more effective clinical treatments.

The society convenes annually at a meeting designed to promote academic exchange and collaboration between researchers and clinicians working in related fields.


Executive committee

President                       Brian Dean

Vice-president               Paul Fitzgerald

Secretary                       Susan Rossell

Treasurer                       Elizabeth Scarr

Webmaster                    Alex Fornito       

Committee members     Bernhard Baune, Thomas Burne, Darryl Eyles, Laura Gray, Melissa Green

Student member            Emilia Lefevre


Click here for a report on the Society’s launch in 2010.